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How can I get the new blackberry storm at the 2yr contract price?

Q. I have verizon and I got the blackberry curve 4 months ago. I have had so many problems with the phone that I've had it replaced 3 times already. I am having problems with my 4th one, and I am fed up and don't want a new curve. I want the new storm with the new system, but I don't want to pay for the full price. Is there any way I get the 2yr contract price, even though I just started a new contract a few months ago?

A. You can always make deals with carriers and Verizon is no exception. Just go into the negotiation knowing that is what you want. I can't imagine Verizon not wanting you to sign on for 2 years, that's what every carrier wants, but you may have to pay a cancellation fee on the phone. But everything is negotiable. Carriers take hit on the handsets, even when they are not free. They have to subzidize them by having customers sign on for long periods and putting in the cancellation fee. Ask if you could sign a 3 year contract if you can get out of your original one. That might do it. Be creative. You could try this site for more information.

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