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Where can I download the blackberry software that came with my blackberry pearl 8100?

Q. It's misplaced. I have a new computer, and I just want to know where I can download it for free.

A. dont listen to edsb, its a virus

How do i download blackberry software to external hard drive?
Q. I want to download the blackberry software (website download) onto my external harddrive so i can upload the software ontop my laptop. I can't download the software to my laptop from the web because i dont have internet avail on my home computer, and i want to use the blackberry desktop software so i can connect my blackberry to my laptop as a modem. help!

A. First plug the external drive into the computer that's going to be used for this. Make sure windows recognizes the drive. It should appear as whatever the next drive letter is. Probably going to be the "E" drive but it could even be "F". Just depends on that computer. So make sure you can see your external drive before continuing.

Then go to the website where the update is. There should be some sort of button to click on the blackberry site that pertains to "update" or "download", something like that. When you click that button you should then get a window asking you if you want to "run" "save" "cancel" this. Click SAVE.

Without knowing what operating system you have, I can't say what you will see next. But if it's Vista or Windows 7, at this point you will be on a window for saving the file you have selected to save. Look on the left and click on "computer" so that you can expand computer and be able to see all of the drives. Once you see the external drive of yours, just click on it and then select save.

When I try to install my Blackberry Software on my laptop it say invalid H drive, what is the H drive?
Q. When I tried to install it for the first time I had to use an external drive because the drive on my laptop will not work. It said I had an invalid H drive. So I went to Blackberry's website and downloaded it. I installed it again and it also said invalid H drive. I can't figure out what the problem it, please help!

A. Drive H just means one of your slots in your computer .Like for your USB or any connection to your computer.
Did you check if it was fully inserted?
That must of been the problem ! :)

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