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How long it usually takes to register Blackberry Internet Service ?

Q. I just bought a BB and they told me my BIS would be registered and ready to use after 2 hours or the latest 4 hours . But it has been nearly 9 hours , and i haven't received any call or sms alert which they told me i would if it is successfully register . Any comment ?

A. It's taking too long.

Try registering again

Options icon - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table

Press the Menu key and select Register Now

If you don't receive a message within a few minutes try a battery pull

If it still doesn't work contact your provider

How do you get blackberry internet service?
Q. Do you have to go your network provider and ask? Do you have to pay?

A. You need a data plan from your cell phone carrier and yes, you have to pay for it.

How to turn on the blackberry internet service and blackberry enterprise server?
Q. I bought a t-mobile blackberry bold 9700 from a friend and after i unlocked it to use it with at&t, the applications like facebook and twitter wont work. it says that the bb internet service and the bb enterprise server are NOT connected. how do i get them to connect so i can use the apps?

A. T Mobile has had many problems with their [phones and network since they found out that they are merging with ATT. I know first hand. Since they know that this merger will go through T Mobile just stop caring. Their goal is to sell as many phones as possible to lock you into a contract.
T Mobile has spent millions in legal fees because their employees continue to give out their customer's ssn and pass code. I have the case number for this. I hope that this helps as a great deal of research has gone into this.

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