Jumat, 26 Juli 2013

What is the difference between a Blackberry Bold, the Blackberry Curve, and the iPhone 4?

Q. I know that they all send e-mail, but what exactly do they do that is different. Like service, how the e-mail and documents are set up. Plus Blackberry's seem more useful than a iPhone 4 because all the celebrities and business people have them.

A. bold is the business version of the curve. more memory and a more elegant look. The iphone is mainly known for the app store. blackberry does have apps but there are not nearly as many and to be honest the apps kinda suck. I love blackberry though and iphone too. iphones are also prone to shattering while blackberries don't. On the blackberry you can have a corporate email account and the iphone only has one POP account. The blackberry can open Microsoft word files and the iphone cannot. also the iphone is touch and the blackberries that you asked about aren't

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