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what are the blackberry internet services provided by vodafone for the INDIAN customers ?

Q. i've tried to search it on the google but have'nt got any , it's not even on the vodafone site . does any1 know what are their schemes ?

A. Call vodafone or visit web site of vodafone !

Will i have to pay to use the blackberry internet service?
Q. Hi, im looking on getting a blackberry curve for christmas, its not on contract- im just going to pay as you go, is BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) a free service and does the internet cost (If i topped up £5), does it take it off the top everytime i use the internet?

A. Yes, you will have to pay for the internet service.

My blackberry internet services and bbm is not working help?
Q. So my new 9320 blackberry internet services are not working, including my bbm. I have spoken to many people who said to take out the battery and sim, when the device is on, I have done that and it still hasn't worked? What has ever people done, which worked?

A. BBM and data require BlackBerry Internet Service (data).

Contact your wireless provider to add data to your wireless plan.

If you have a data plan, contact your provider to properly set up BIS.

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