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Will the accessories for the Blackberry Storm 2 fit the Blackberry Storm 1?

Q. I just bought a first generation Blackberry Storm and I want to buy a silicone case for it so it won't get scratched up. However, all I can find is the silicone cases for the Storm 2. The guy at the verizon store said that it wouldn't fit, but i wasn't sure if he was honest about it or not. Any help?

A. No they won't fit- the phones are different sizes

give me your personal experience on the must have external accessory for the blackberry curve and?
Q. software. Can't decide whether to get a hard case or skin? I want protection, but I also want it to clip. Maybe I don't need hardcase since i am mainly office worker; I also will bring it with me to the gym. too many choices! help! I also don't like the menu. What is the shortcut for locking the keyboard/phone?

A. Here is what I do. I have a BodyGuardz Protector on my BB Curve to protect from scratches. You cannot see the BGP on the phone, but it offers scratch-proof on your Blackberry. It was tested on CNN against others, and this was rated the highest.

As far as holding it, I would go for the OEM Blackberry Holder. This clips on your Belt, and offers quick access to yoru Blackberry.

As far as your last question. If you have the OEM Holster, you can make it so that the BB Locks itself automatically in the holster. Go to your Options > Security > General Settings, and go to "Lock Handheld Upon Holstering" and change that to "yes". There is a magnet in the BB as well as the Holster, and when they magnatize, the BB locks itself.

You can also set up a Side-Convenience key to Lock the BB for you. Go to Options > Screen and Keyboard > and scroll down to "Side Convenince Key". Pick either left or right key, and choose "Lock" for the Application.

And if you don't like the menu, get a new Theme. Just do a search. And if that doesn't suit you, why get a BB?

Please advise me how to get the best Blackberry Pearl Accessories?

A. When I had a BlackBerry I bought all accessories from CrackBerry.

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