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How is the Blackberry Storm and is it compatible with mac laptops and itunes?

Q. For all of you who have the blackberry storm, what are the pros and cons of the touch screen blackberry and would you suggest getting it? Also, is it compatible with macs and itunes? Thanks.

A. Well, let me just say that the Blackberry storm is one of the greatest phones i've ever used in my life. Really when you push down on the screen the fact that it clicks and pushes in is great for the accuracy of what your are pressing. It is very fast and has great features. Truly a great phone.
Yes, it is compatible with Macs and Itunes if they are recent products for the past four years of generations. So if your mac and your Itunes are new and have been updated in the past four years then your set. GET THE PHONE!

Does the unlocked blackberry storm 9530 work with tmobile? Does it have a sim card slot ?
Q. I'm getting the unlocked blackberry storm 9530, but I have tmobile, so will the phone be compatible with tmobile? And I need to know if it has a sim card holder. I just want the phone for calling testing and the camera.

A. It does have a SIM card because it is a world phone.

T-Mobile requires a data plan for all smartphones so they will automatically add data to your plan after you insert your SIM.

What does unlocking a blackberry storm 9530 do?
Q. i am planning to unlock my blackberry, and i was just wondering.

A. It means that it can work on any mobile carrier.

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