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How do I get the internet on my laptop through my Blackberry Thunder?

Q. I already have internet service through my Blackberry, I have the usb chord to hook it up to my laptop, and I have the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on my laptop. What's next?

A. It's easiest to have BB Desktop Manager 5.0.1 because it includes an IP modem setup

Get it here:


Once you have BBDM 5.0.1 installed connect your phone and click on the IP Modem icon

Under Connection Settings click configure to set your Connection Profile

Click OK

Under Connect to the Internet click Connect

You should now be connected and able to use your BB to surf the net.

PLEASE keep in mind that your unlimited data plan DOES NOT include using your BB as a modem. You will be billed for usage unless you sign up for a tethering plan. Call your provider to find out the monthly tethering charge (Sprint charges me $15.00/mo).

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