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What does unlocking a blackberry storm 9530 do?

Q. i am planning to unlock my blackberry, and i was just wondering.

A. It means that it can work on any mobile carrier.

How much does the Blackberry Storm 2 cost at verizon wireless?
Q. im planning on getting one but i dont know how much it costs?
sooo its $99.99 just by the phone itself?

A. ...Blackberry Storm 2 pricing...., Correct the prices listed are accurate, as to the retail price of $540 and Contract pricing of $199.99 2yr Contract and $99.99 Online price. The reason that it's been reduced to the online price of $99.99 is that it's the advirtised "Online Discount" if you go to a store or decide to purchase the phone via verizon telesales dept (over the phone) it will cost you $199.99 and not the $99 advirtised pricing. The reason behind this, is that Verizon is that Verizon is promoting their site and wants users to become more aware of how it works and trying to make it more user friendly so that going online will be easier, other than the obvious "more hits a site gets" the better ranking the site has competitively.

However, if you already have Verizon services, you will either have the $100/$50 or the updated New every two amount (NE2 amount) of $50/$30. so if you in fact, do have current verizon services, you can take an immediate discount of whichever you have already plus an immediate Online discount of $100. If you do have a NE2 amount, it could potentially be more than the $100, but...its just hypotheticals.

Bottom Line: Online Purchase ::: $99.99:::: out of pocket
Telsales/Store Purchase ::::::::$199.99::::::::out of pocket

FYI: however, you can always have the balance amount applied to the bill as well if you request obviously.


What is the best Blackberry Storm application for getting DVDs and films onto your cell phone?
Q. I have done a little research, but I dont want to pay for one that doesnt work. I have used a trial of Mobiola Studio, that works well for youtube videos, but I seems break down my movies into many different files? Thanks for your help.

A. After hours of searching and many friend recommendations, I made the smart choice of using this program. Not only did it save me a lot of money, but it has a wide variety of videos to choose from for a very low cost for a whole year! Im very glad a lot of my friends recommended it for me (:

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