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How do I use the Blackberry Pearl suretype function effectively?

Q. NOTE: I have tried using the suretype but it does not seem to display the letters the way I need them to..
Any tips?
PLEASE, INFORMED ANSWERS ONLY. Thanks everyone for the help.

A. In order to use SureType effectively when you are first starting out, just start typing the word you are trying to spell without looking at the screen. If you look at the screen you will think that the device is picking the wrong letters. Just keep typing the word and 90-95% of the time it will correctly guess the word. For custom words, of course, you will need to pick the correct letter. But the device (by default) will learn those words.

Below is a link to a SureType tutorial:


Where can I find free blackberry pearl downloads that work?
Q. Every time I load a game or program it has the wrong file type and will not load. Is there a way to change this?

A. Why dont you just go to pinstack.com on your phone browers and search for free downloads.......they have lots!!!!

When I tried to reconnect my Blackberry pearl to the media manager, it would not connect?
Q. I had no problems last night connecting my Pearl to the computer and uploading music, but today I tried plugging the phone into the computer and the desktop manager just said it was disconnected and I needed to plug it in. What's the problem? Is there something I need to be doing before or after I plug the cord into my phone?

A. You might try rebooting your computer, and then try again. If it still doesn't work, try rebooting the Pearl by removing the battery from the device (while it is still on) for about 30 seconds.

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